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Why Surveillance Cameras Rarely Have Both 4G and WiFi Connectivity?

12 Feb 2024

Why Surveillance Cameras Rarely Have Both 4G and WiFi Connectivity?

When we are buying security cameras, we will find that few cameras have both 4G and WIFI connections. Why is this? In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon.

wifi camera vs 4g camera

Cost Constraints

Manufacturers of surveillance cameras are often under significant cost pressures. Integrating both 4G and WiFi connectivity into a single device requires additional hardware components and technical sophistication. These extra costs may escalate manufacturing expenses, consequently impacting the final product's retail price. Given consumers' sensitivity to pricing, manufacturers may opt to focus on one connectivity option to mitigate costs and maintain competitiveness.

Market Demand and Segmentation

The security camera market is diverse, catering to various consumer needs and preferences. Some users prioritize home security, while others focus on surveillance requirements for commercial settings. Manufacturers may choose to specialize in one connectivity option to meet the distinct needs of specific user segments. Concurrent 4G and WiFi connectivity may not align with the demands of certain market segments, prompting manufacturers to prioritize single connectivity solutions.

Technological Challenges

Simultaneous support for 4G and WiFi connectivity presents technical hurdles. Integrating multiple connectivity options within a single device necessitates addressing numerous technical intricacies. Challenges include managing seamless switching between connection modes and ensuring uninterrupted video streaming quality during transitions. These technical complexities may escalate product development timelines and costs, leading manufacturers to lean towards streamlined solutions.

While surveillance cameras currently rarely feature both 4G and WiFi connectivity, ongoing technological advancements and evolving market demands could drive the emergence of multifaceted connectivity options in the future.

UCOCARE 4G Security Camera Recommend

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UCOCARE WIFI Security Camera Recommend

S1-WIFI is a Solar security camera with wifi connectivity. 

It has 4dBi dual antennas for powerful and stable WiFi connection 100% wireless and 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

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2K/4MP (1440P) QHD video resolution makes video shooting clearer.

If you are finding a WIFI security camera, then you must not miss it. It is definitely a very cost-effective product.


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