Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients in using our products.
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Video Doorbell Questions

Our doorbell only support IOS or Android App, it does not support to integrate the doorbell to the system of FRITZ!Box.

Please follow the below steps to connect the chime to the doorbell, and then short press the doorbell button within 5 seconds after you long press the volume button on the chime, see if the chime can be connected successfully:

1/ Power on the wireless indoor chime.

2/ Long press the Connection/Volume Button of the indoor chime, and the indicator light flashing Blue, which means that the wireless chime is ready to link.

3/ Within 5 seconds after you completed step 2, please short press the button of the video doorbell to link. The indoor chime will sing, which means that the connection is successful. (please place the video doorbell close to the wireless chime before setting up their connection)

If there are some walls, door or other obstacles between them, or any metal parts might affect the signal of the indoor chime and the doorbell. It's recommended to decrease the obstacles between them, or place the indoor chime closer to the doorbell.

There are 38 sounds to choose from, with a total of 5 levels of volume, the lowest level being silent.

In an open space, the indoor chime can be up to 100 meters away from the doorbell. However, if there are obstacles like walls or doors, it's recommended to keep the distance between 10-20 meters.


The battery is built-in with the doorbell, it can not be changeable. But it's rechargeable battery, it can work for about 180 days on one full charge.

As long as the output current of the solar panel is 1-2A, and the voltage is DC 5V, it will be suitable.

Please check the 'messages' in the app, see if you've received the alarm 'someone demolished'? If yes, it should be that the doorbell has not been installed in place. Please check whether your doorbell has been pressed tightly and installed in place or not. When the head of the doorbell is fully pressed, you will hear the sound 'click' , indicating that the doorbell is installed in place(as attached image). The head of the doorbell is fully in the back cover. After that, you can check again, the doorbell will only send you the tamper alarm when you get the doorbell out of the back cover. 

No, you can't.

The doorbell camera will send a phone call alert only when the doorbell camera is rung AND when you use the app. It will send the notification messages if you are not in the app. If you don't want to receive the notification messages, you can turn off the 'notification' in the app, but we cannot disable the phone call alert seperately.

4G LTE Camera Questions

It should be that the traffic of the SIM card has been used up. Please insert the SIM card into the camera, then you can check the remaining traffic in the app. If there is no remaining traffic, you can purchase the traffic package in the app directly. If the SIM card has remaining traffic, please try to make the configuration again, it should work then.

Yes, you can use your own SIM card. You can get the APN information of your own SIM card at your phone first, then insert your SIM card to the camera, and enter the APN information of your own SIM card during the connection, then the camera will identify your own your SIM card.

You can charge the camera by plugging into the solar panel, the length of the cable of the solar panel has 3 meters, it should be enough. And it's not recommended to extend the cable of the solar panel because it might cause the low charging efficiency.

The other provided usb cable is for you to charge the camera with a charger, if you want to extend the charging usb cable, you can try other longer type C cables, which allow to through 2A current, it should work.

1. Make sure your wifi is 2.4Ghz.

2. Charge the camera by using the usb cable.

3. Press the power button for about 3 second to turn on the camera, you should see a red light flashes on the camera if it's on.

4. Long press the 'Reset‘ button for about 5 seconds, see if you can hear a prompt voice? If not, please try again, until you hear a short prompt voice, and the indicator light flashes in red.

5. Run 'CloudEdge' APP, click 'Add Device. Select 'Battery Camera'.

6. Select your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, and input the right password, and click 'Next'

7. Use your camera to scan the QR code at your phone. Please show QR code to the camera at distance of 5-8 inches. A prompt voice will be heard when the QR code was successfully scanned. Tap 'next' to go ahead.

1. Insert the SIM card

2. Power on the camera

3. Long press the ‘reset button‘ and then you will hear a bugu

4. The 'Status Light' flashes red quickly that the camera is connecting to the data network.

5. Wait the 'Status Light' flashes blue to connect the data network successfully.

6. Open ‘CloudEgde’ APP

7. Tap ‘Add Device’ >> Select Device ‘4G Camera (BATTERY)’

8. Use CloudEdge app to scan the QR code on the base of the camera.

9. Wait the 'Status Light' turns solid blue to connect the camera by the app.

Solar Security Camera Questions

Here are some steps for your convenience.

Settings>>Tap the camera at the top left>>You will go to the 'device informatio' page, screenshot this page and send to us.

It should be that the format of the SD card is not correct. It is recommended to cut the power before you insert the SD card, and check if the SD card format is FAT32. If the format is not FAT32, please go to the 'recording management' page in the app to format the SD card and check again. Please follow below steps to format the SD card:

go to the setting page>>tap 'recording management'>>’format’

To turn on the motion detection, please follow the below steps.

Settings>>Alarm Management>>Turn on 'Motion Detection', you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity or alarm working mode in the motion detection page based on your need.

Please try to turn off the humanoid detection in the 'Custom Modes' page. And then adjust the motion detection sensitivity to higher level.

When disable humanoid detection mode, the camera will be triggered by all the moving objects with infrared heat.

Here are some steps for your convenience:

Settings>>Alarm Management>>choose 'Custom Mode' >>tap 'Custom Mode' >> Turn off the 'Day Humanoid Detection' or 'Night Humanoid Detection' based on your need.

Please tap the recorded videos or images, there is a share icon at the top right corner, please share the videos to the third party, then you can save the videos to your local album from the third party.


To delete the alarm messages:

Alarm messages>> tap the '✔' icon at the top right corner >> select the alarm images that you want to delete>>tap 'delete' at the bottom right corner>>tap 'OK' to complete.

To delete the videos:

Album>> tap the garbage box icon at the top right corner >> select the videos that you want to delete>>tap garbage box icon at the bottom right corner>>tap 'OK' to complete.

Settings>>Alarm Management>>Audio warning and strobe light>>turn on 'Audio warning and strobe light', and select 'White light warning'

Please follow the below steps to enable the audio warning.

settings>>alarm management>>audio warning and strobe light, enable audio warning and strobe light>> select Audio warning.

Please be noted that sound and light alarm is only valid at night.

Red means charging, blue means fully charged.

The green screen is caused by the decoding problem from the latest IOS system. To solve the issue, please update the Cloudedge app to the latest version 4.5.4(4.5.7 for Android system), and it's recommended to turn off the 'turn on hardware decoding' in the app after you download the latest version.

BK04 Series Camera Questions

No limit

This camera is compatible with ONVIF protocol. ONVIF is a transmission protocol, which is used when connected to the back-end NVR (Network Video Recorder) or computer client.

You can turn it on based on your need.

Here are some steps for your convenience:

Settings>>Alarm Management>>Motion Detection>>Custom Mode>> Turn on 'The Alert will be triggered only when human motion is detected'

Settings>>Recording Management>>Select 'All Day Reacording'

You can upgrade the firmware by following the below steps:

1. Download the attachment and copy it to your empty sd card.

2. Insert the sd card to the camera, and charge the camera, the camera will upgrade the firmware automatically. During the upgration, there will be a blue light flashes.

3. After the upgrade is complete, the camera will restart(move around) automatically. And the attached file will be changed to the name 'upgrade_ok'.

4. Please try to connect the camera to the app again, see if the camera can be connected to the app successfully?


The Cloudedge app does not have the PC version for now, but you can view the live camera online via the below website.




This function is only used to filter relevant information when viewing the alarm messages, not for setting motion detection. So it cannot be saved permanently.

If you pay to activate the AI function, and upgrade the firmware, you can filter the messages of people, cars, packages, and pets here.

Please follow the below steps:

1. Keep power on the camera first, then Long press the 'Reset' button near the sd card slot, until you hear the prompt voice, and see a red light flashes on the camera.

2. Run Cloudedge app, tap "Add Device" or"+">> Power Plug Camera >>Smart Camera(Wi-Fi)

3. Select the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network and input the password, and then click"Next".

4. Scan the QR code at your phone with the camera, and click "Next"after hearing the "Bee Boo" sound from the camera. The configuration can be completed in about 30s.

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