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The best hiding spots for your spare key

01 Jul 2024

Facing an upcoming departure, you've already arranged for a pet sitter but are uncertain about where to hide your spare key? Rest assured, you're not alone. Keeping a spare key is a prudent move, but the trick lies in hiding it securely. From creative fake rocks to inconspicuous potted plants, your home holds many clever hiding spots for your key.

Once you've installed a home security system, monitoring your entire home through an app is just a tap away. However, remember that this is just the beginning. Having a spare key for emergency access can save you both money and time.

From a tiny studio to a suburban abode, let's explore the best hiding spots for your spare key with ucocare.

Hideaways by the Front Door:

Houses often offer more green spaces or entry points to stash your spare key. When searching for a hiding place, steer clear of obvious locations. The worst places to hide a spare key are under doormats or in flowerpots, as they're easily found and may not withstand harsh weather. Instead, consider these secure and smart storage options:

Magnetic Key Holders: Securely attach your spare key to any hidden metal surface using a magnetic key holder. We recommend placing it beneath the grill or on a nearby drainpipe.

Coded Lock Boxes or Key Safes: Coded lock boxes are an excellent choice for storing your spare key. Only those who know the code can access it, and you can place it anywhere in the house.

Fake Sprinkler Heads: Try hiding a compartment within a fake sprinkler head or door knocker.

Inside the Doghouse: Pet owners can always stash their spare key beneath the doghouse in the backyard. People rarely venture there—and intruders might be scared off by barking dogs.

A Decorative Fake Rock: This classic choice is popular for a reason. A well-designed fake rock or stone blends seamlessly into your backyard greenery.

Hiding Spots for Apartments:

Hiding a spare key in an apartment building might require a different approach due to limited outdoor space. While fake rocks might not blend in as well in the hallway, apartments offer plenty of other clever hiding spots. Try this:

Rely on Your Neighbors: Knowing and trusting your neighbors is always a good idea. Knock on your next-door neighbor's door and ask if they can hold onto a spare key for you in case of need. Plus, you can return the favor.

Utilize Your Car: If you don't need to access the spare key frequently, consider placing a coded lock box in your trunk. (But make sure not to lose your spare car key!)

Find a Family Member, Friend, or Superintendent: Don't know your neighbors well? No problem. Keep your spare key with someone nearby whom you trust to ensure you always have an extra set handy. Additionally, this gives you someone to check on your apartment in case of an emergency.

A spare key, as you might have guessed, is a crucial element of a comprehensive emergency plan. But it's not the only way to protect your home. Establish a home security system and ensure you have a wireless video doorbell to monitor your front entrance.

Ucocare cameras and video doorbells are always recommended, , especially if you’re trusting a stranger with entry access.

See more at your front door with Ucocare today — and never get locked out again.

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