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Is Installing a Video Doorbell Necessary?

29 Jan 2024

Is Installing a Video Doorbell Necessary?

As a smart security device, video doorbells have attracted widespread attention. However, many people have doubts about whether installing a video doorbell is necessary. 

This article delves into the advantages of video doorbells, unveiling how they strike a balance between security and convenience.

video doorbell

Advantages of Video Doorbells

1.Real-time Monitoring and Security Protection

Video doorbells, equipped with built-in cameras, offer real-time monitoring, allowing users to check their doorstep situation from anywhere. This not only provides immediate insights into home security but also serves as a deterrent against potential intrusions or unlawful activities.

2.Theft Prevention and Crime Deterrence

The mere presence of a video doorbell acts as a deterrent. Studies indicate that criminals are more likely to target locations without surveillance devices. Therefore, installing a video doorbell aids in preventing burglary and other criminal activities, enhancing overall home safety.

3.Package Delivery and Visitor Management

With the surge in online shopping, managing package deliveries has become a daily concern. Video doorbells enable remote communication with delivery personnel, guiding them on where to place packages, thereby avoiding theft. Simultaneously, we can identify visitors, choose whether to unlock the door, and achieve more nuanced visitor management.

Package Delivery and Visitor Management

Balancing Security and Convenience

1.Privacy Considerations

Some individuals worry about unnecessary exposure of their home life, potentially facing risks of privacy invasion. When installing a video doorbell, it's crucial to pay attention to privacy settings to ensure surveillance is limited to reasonable extents.

2.Technical Security

Another factor to consider is the technical security of video doorbells. Some inexpensive or lesser-known brands may have vulnerabilities susceptible to hacking. Therefore, when purchasing a video doorbell, opting for reputable brands ensures technical security, protecting devices from potential cyber threats.

The situations that you need to install a video doorbell

If there are often elderly individuals or children alone at home, installing a video doorbell can be beneficial. Its advantage lies in the ability to see the situation outside the door without the need to open it, providing enhanced security. Additionally, many modern video doorbells support voice-changing intercom features, which can be particularly useful for children or the elderly.

If there is frequent lingering or previous incidents of unexpected events at your doorstep, installing a video doorbell is advisable. It can automatically record videos and save them to the cloud when it detects someone passing by.

If your home has a spacious layout, and there are instances where you might not hear the doorbell, installing a video doorbell is recommended. It typically comes with a built-in speaker-like device, making it easier for you to hear the doorbell ring.

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