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How to choose a video doorbell

28 Dec 2023

Installing surveillance at the front door is indeed a necessary security measure. Generally, there are three main solutions: home surveillance, smart door locks, and video doorbells.

Home surveillance, while cost-effective, requires extensive construction work such as breaking walls, drilling holes, and wiring. This can be challenging for homes where the interior decoration is already completed, as it may cause significant disruptions.

Smart door locks integrate surveillance functions into the lock itself, saving space. However, they tend to be more expensive and have a limited monitoring range, covering only a small area around the entrance and potentially leaving blind spots.

In comparison, video doorbells offer a hassle-free installation without the need for wiring, drilling, or wall damage. They combine features like peepholes, doorbells, surveillance, and intercoms, providing powerful security functions with a high cost-effectiveness.

video doorbell easy to install

However, with numerous brands and models available on the market, how do you choose the one that best suits your needs? This article provides an in-depth buying guide to help you navigate through the myriad of options and find the ideal video doorbell for your home.

1.Video Quality and Resolution

When selecting a video doorbell, the first consideration is its video quality and resolution. A high-resolution camera provides a clear picture, making it easier to identify people and objects at your doorstep. Typically, 1080p resolution is the standard for most video doorbells on the market, but some premium models may offer even higher resolutions.

2.Night Vision Capability

Home security is not limited to daytime hours, making night vision capability crucial. Choose a video doorbell that provides clear images in low-light conditions, ensuring you can monitor your front door at night seamlessly.

3.Motion Detection and Alerts

Motion detection is a key feature of video doorbells, allowing them to send alerts when detecting movement. Ensure that the doorbell's motion detection settings can accurately identify significant activities rather than triggering alerts for every minor movement.

4.Two-Way Communication

A good video doorbell should feature two-way communication, enabling you to have real-time conversations with visitors. This is useful for receiving packages, inviting guests, or preventing potential intrusions. Check the doorbell's audio quality to ensure a clear communication experience.

a man in fornt of the video doorbell

5.Storage Options

Understand the storage options of the video doorbell, as it typically offers cloud storage and local storage. Cloud storage often requires a subscription fee but provides more significant storage space and the convenience of remote access. Local storage, usually through a MicroSD card, requires separate purchase and installation. Choose the storage method that suits your needs.

6.Weather Resistance and Installation Requirements

As video doorbells are installed outdoors, weather resistance is crucial. Ensure the selected doorbell is waterproof and able to withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, understand the installation requirements to ensure you can correctly install the device according to the manual.

7.Smart Integration and Compatibility

If you already own other smart home devices, consider whether the video doorbell can integrate with them. Some doorbells come with smart features and seamless connections to platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, providing convenient control options.

8.Power Source and Battery Life

Video doorbells can be powered through a wired connection or battery. Wired connections are generally more stable but may require professional installation. Battery-powered options offer more flexibility but necessitate periodic battery replacement. Understand the doorbell's battery life and replacement method to choose the suitable power source.

9.Brand Reputation and User Reviews

Before making a purchase, you can read user reviews for different brands and models to understand their performance and durability. Choose a reputable brand to ensure you confidently purchase a reliable video doorbell.

In conclusion, If you seek a more advanced home security system and are willing to invest, a video doorbell is an excellent choice. 

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